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Bernhagen Bags Second CWRA Win at DRP

Wisconsin Dells WI 6/19/21-Jesse Bernhagen of Willard WI took home top honors in the CWRA Super Late Model Apollo Tool Night A-Main Saturday Night at Dells Raceway Park. Jeff Weinfurter of WI Rapids and Monte Gress of Neilsville brought the field to green with Weinfurter grabbing the lead at the start with Gress tucking in behind followed by Kirby Kirth and Paul Paine. At the halfway mark Weinfurter and Gress would still be out front as Bernhagen was made his way thru the field and up into the third spot. Bernhagen would get by Gress for second and with ten laps to go challenge Weinfurter for the lead. As the pair battled side by side for the lead contact was made sending Bernhagen spinning. Weinfurter would take blame for the incident sending himself to the rear of the field and Bernhagen would retain his spot at the top with 8 to go. On the restart Bernhagen would hold off Paul Paine of Mound MN for the final eight circuits for his second CWRA win of the season with Mark Mackesy coming home third followed by Corey Jankowski and Kirby Kirth rounding out the top five. Earlier in the evening, Tyler Sauter of Necedah WI was fastest in qualifying, while Weinfurter and Gress pick up the odd/even Fast Dash wins respectively.

Results for 6/19/2021 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI CWRA-SLM 15 Entries A Feature 35 Laps | Apollo Tool of Westfield 1. 28J-Jesse Bernhagen[8]; 2. 27P-Paul Paine[6]; 3. 12M-Mark Mackesy[10]; 4. 31J-Corey Jankowski[5]; 5. 85K-Kirby Kurth[3]; 6. 7S-Tyler Sauter[9]; 7. 107-Monte Gress[2]; 8. 44W-Justin Woller[12]; 9. 3W-Jeff Weinfurter[1]; 10. 32L-Steve Lichtfeld[11]; 11. 12V-Derrick Van Dreel[13]; 12. 25B-Allen Borntreger[4]; 13. 64C-Rob Christen[15]; 14. 6S-Mike Seivers[7]

Dash Odd 8 Laps | Dunkin 1. 3W-Jeff Weinfurter[6]; 2. 85K-Kirby Kurth[4]; 3. 31J-Corey Jankowski[5]; 4. 6S-Mike Seivers[3]; 5. 7S-Tyler Sauter[7]; 6. 32L-Steve Lichtfeld[2]; 7. 12V-Derrick Van Dreel[1]; 8. 64C-Rob Christen[8]

Dash Even 8 Laps | Dunkin 1. 107-Monte Gress[1]; 2. 25B-Allen Borntreger[2]; 3. 27P-Paul Paine[4]; 4. 28J-Jesse Bernhagen[5]; 5. 12M-Mark Mackesy[6]; 6. 44W-Justin Woller[3]; 7. 46F*-TJ Fritz[7]

Qualifying | Dunkin 1. 7S-Tyler Sauter[11]; 2. 12M-Mark Mackesy[9]; 3. 3W-Jeff Weinfurter[14]; 4. 28J-Jesse Bernhagen[1]; 5. 31J-Corey Jankowski[6]; 6. 27P-Paul Paine[10]; 7. 85K-Kirby Kurth[7]; 8. 44W-Justin Woller[15]; 9. 6S-Mike Seivers[12]; 10. 25B-Allen Borntreger[2]; 11. 32L-Steve Lichtfeld[8]; 12. 107-Monte Gress[5]; 13. 12V-Derrick Van Dreel[13]; 14. 46F*-TJ Fritz[4]; 15. 64C-Rob Christen[3]

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