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Bernhagen Claims CWRA Nabbefeldt Win

Jesse Bernhagen of Willard WI, was the surprised winner of the CWRA Super Late Model Nabbefeldt 55 Saturday Night at Dells Raceway Park after being awarded the win after finishing second on track to Corey Jankowski who failed to pass post race inspection. Jeff Weinfurther of Wisconsin Rapids wound up second with Steve Lichfeld of Portage third and Tyler Sauter Necedah WI fourth, Paul Paine Mound MN rounded out the top five. Earlier in the night is was Mike Seivers of WI Rapids capturing the pole of the Nabbedeldt 55 with a win in the odd qualifiers dash and Jankowski won the even dash. Mark Mackesy was fastest in qualifying with a mark of 14.597 81.387mph.

Results for 5/29/2021 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI

CWRA-SLM 16 Entries A Feature 1 55 Laps | Nabbefeldt 55 Tribute 1. 28J-Jesse Bernhagen[10]; 2. 3W-Jeff Weinfurter[15]; 3. 32L-Steve Lichtfeld[4]; 4. 7S-Tyler Sauter[8]; 5. 27P-Paul Paine[5]; 6. 12V-Derrick Van Dreel[6]; 7. 12M-Mark Mackesy[7]; 8. 107-Monte Gress[3]; 9. 85K-Kirby Kurth[16]; 10. 6S-Mike Seivers[1]; 11. 95J-Harley Jankowski[12]; 12. 70T-Chris Trickle[11]; 13. 46F-TJ Fritz[14]; 14. 64C-Rob Christen[9]; 15. 25B-Allen Borntreger[13]; 16. (DQ) 31J-Corey Jankowski[2]

Dash Odd 8 Laps | Travel Mart 1. 6S-Mike Seivers[2]; 2. 107-Monte Gress[4]; 3. 27P-Paul Paine[6]; 4. 12M-Mark Mackesy[8]; 5. 64C-Rob Christen[1]; 6. 70T-Chris Trickle[3]; 7. 25B-Allen Borntreger[5]; 8. 3W-Jeff Weinfurter[7]

Dash Even 8 Laps | Travel Mart 1. 31J-Corey Jankowski[2]; 2. 32L-Steve Lichtfeld[1]; 3. 12V-Derrick Van Dreel[4]; 4. 7S-Tyler Sauter[6]; 5. 28J-Jesse Bernhagen[7]; 6. 95J-Harley Jankowski[5]; 7. 46F-TJ Fritz[8]

Qualifying | Travel Mart 1. 12M-Mark Mackesy[10]; 2. 28J-Jesse Bernhagen[1]; 3. 3W-Jeff Weinfurter[16]; 4. 7S-Tyler Sauter[12]; 5. 27P-Paul Paine[11]; 6. 95J-Harley Jankowski[7]; 7. 25B-Allen Borntreger[2]; 8. 12V-Derrick Van Dreel[15]; 9. 107-Monte Gress[5]; 10. 85K-Kirby Kurth[8]; 11. 70T-Chris Trickle[14]; 12. 31J-Corey Jankowski[6]; 13. 6S-Mike Seivers[13]; 14. 32L-Steve Lichtfeld[9]; 15. 64C-Rob Christen[3]; 16. 46F-TJ Fritz[4]

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